The first walk outside

Two days ago, delightful assistant no.1 had her first walk outside since her operation at the end of January.

A few days earlier, a physiotherapist had visited her at home and given her some strength exercises to add to the balance exercises she was already doing. By the time the next sunny day came round, she felt ready to take her first steps out of doors.

It was the perfect opportunity for a short stroll, with virtually no wind and the sun melting what remained of the recent snow. She got into the car with her spouse and their chauffeur, and they drove for a few minutes to the outskirts of Blairgowrie.

With a stick in one hand and delightful assistant no.2 on her other side to steady her, she set off at a surprisingly brisk pace.

first wlk
Delightful assistants setting off for a stroll on the outskirts of Blairgowrie, 8 March 2018.

Keeping to the sunny side of the road, they enjoyed the warmth on their faces and the fresh air in their lungs.

sunny side 2
Delightful assistants enjoying early spring sunshine.
sunny side
Trotting along at a good pace.

As they walked along, a lark nearly caused delightful assistant no.1 to topple over, when she stopped abruptly to look up and try to see where the singing was coming from. Thankfully, delightful assistant no.2 was on hand to keep her upright.

where's the lark
A lark! Where is it? They couldn’t spot the sweet-voiced bird, but its song was pleasing.

Looking up had caused delightful assistant no.1’s woolly hat to shift forwards and she asked her spouse to adjust it for her. He sprang to the rescue and righted the knitted item post haste. 

hat righting 1
Hat righting stage 1.
hat righting 2
Hat righting stage 2.
hat righting 3
Hat successfully adjusted, all was right again with the world.

They resumed their walk, and continued toddling along until delightful assistant no.1 began to feel her legs getting weary. By the time they stopped they’d covered a third of a mile on foot. It was a small beginning, but an encouraging one, and they appreciated their lunchtime soups all the more for it when they got back home.

walking on
Small, but encouraging, beginnings outdoors.

16 thoughts on “The first walk outside

  1. Oh, wonderful! I am so pleased to see this! Well done to your Mum, and to you and your Dad as well, for helping her back onto her feet! A lovely day for a stroll outside and I’m sure it did her the world of good.


  2. Oh wonderful! Yesterday was crazy (and we were in London until after midnight and my inbox is is like a beehive) so I missed this happy, happy post. All does indeed look right with the world. May the sun keep shining and restoring all of you after such a tough winter.


    1. Thank you kindly, Hilary. I echo your hopes of sunshine and restoration, it’s certainly good to see signs of spring and feel that things are warming up after the winter.


  3. So glad I checked the blog today. What a wonderful surprise to see the assistants out for a stroll! They are such a sweet and devoted pair, and I am so glad that both are out and about for a bit. The sunshine and fresh air has to be good medicine. Love to you all.


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