A foraging taste test

Earlier this month the delightful assistants enjoyed an afternoon stroll along the peaceful roads of Snaigow, a few miles west of Blairgowrie. There had been a fair bit of rain and the foliage was lush and healthy-looking. Fine crops of moss were growing on stone walls by the roadside.


Taking time to appreciate their surroundings, and getting in a few neck exercises while they were about it, they gazed up at the tall trees overhead.


In a gap between trees they admired a field populated with white and purple foxgloves.


As always on their little walks, delightful assistant no.1 was keeping her eye out for foragable fare. She found exactly what she had been hoping for in the shape of wild raspberries, both red and yellow varieties.


Raspbs in the hand

Of the opinion that the two different colours had identifiable flavours, she conducted a taste test with her willing spouse. He was instructed to close his eyes while she popped a raspberry in his mouth. He was then asked to guess which colour he’d eaten, bearing in mind a helpful hint that the yellow ones were particularly sweet.

It all sounded simple enough, but getting a raspberry into the mouth of the taster proved more challenging than expected. Delightful assistant no.1, no doubt wishing to keep all her fingers intact, withdrew her hand too quickly after posting the berry into the slot. The taster, eyes tight shut and tantalised with a fleeting sensation of raspberry, all too soon discovered the fruity treat lying at his feet.


When the same thing kept happening, delightful assistant no.1 explained she was struggling with the taster’s mouth being too high up. He quickly solved the problem by lowering the postbox to a more suitable height.


This method proved successful for the next two tries. Onlookers waited agog to find out how accurate his guesses would be.

Raspberries taste test

Despite his wife’s tasting notes, he guessed wrongly on both colours. This did not detract from his enjoyment of the berries, both of which had struck him as sweet and tasty.

While his spouse had been concentrating on picking wild berries, delightful assistant no.2 had been amusing himself by waiting at a bus stop.


Presumably public transport does occasionally go past this stop, but neither of the assistants nor their chauffeur had ever seen such a thing.

Waiting for a bus
Any sign of a bus?  No, thought not.

Following the taste test, their chauffeur noticed it was getting dangerously close to tea time. While she ran back to get the car, the tiny twosome took the opportunity to investigate another roadside diversion or two before being scooped up and whisked home for a nice cup of tea.

Poking about on the verges
Look, there’s something of interest over here.

10 thoughts on “A foraging taste test

  1. Such nice pics…..liked seeing the foxgloves, which are lovely. The color combination of the berries is beautiful and, like Darlene, I have never seen or tasted the yellow ones. Loved the pic of the twosome looking down at the dropped berries and also the one of the postbox being lowered to a suitable height. The assistants seem to enjoy each other’s company very much. They are a joy to see.


    1. Thank you, Wendy. The foxgloves were beautiful, I haven’t often seen so many white and purple ones in a field like that. I suppose the assistants have become accustomed to each other’s company after all these years. They’ve been married since 1960, so nearly 57 years now.


  2. I have never seen wild yellow raspberries! How delicious. Delightful Assistant no.2 is never going to get himself a job in a sweet-tasting factory! 🙂 White foxgloves too – you don’t often see them – what a nice find!


    1. It was lovely to see so many foxgloves, and you’re right about the job in the sweet-tasting factory. My mum is very good at finding these yellow raspberries, I didn’t see them at all until she produced a handful.


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