A late afternoon stroll

One Sunday afternoon in June the delightful assistants were feeling the itch of the outdoors. It had been raining earlier in the day but the sun had come out and they felt it would do them good to get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

They jumped into the car and their chauffeur drove them off to the quiet road marked ‘St Fink’ on the outskirts of Rattray, a few minutes’ drive from where they live.

Burgeoning verges along the St Fink road.

There were a few spots of light rain in the air as they got out of the car, but nothing significant. They set off, admiring the greenery and enjoying the peacefulness.

Strolling along St Fink
Toddling along in the late afternoon sunshine.

Not long into their walk the sky began to darken and the few spots of rain increased and multiplied. They turned off the main road onto a track marked ‘Tullyfergus’, which looked as if it might offer some protection from tree branches meeting overhead.

Tullyfergus track
On the track to Tullyfergus, escaping the worst of the downpour.

Right enough, the canopy was substantial enough to allow delightful assistant no.1 to take down the hood of her jacket without risking a dampened head.

Assistants strolling along the Tullyfergus track, grateful for the protection of leaves overhead.

Always one for keeping an eye on the plants, delightful assistant no.1 was alert to anything of interest amongst the verges.

Watching the verges
Delightful assistant no.1 keeping a beady eye on the verges.

As is often the case on her countryside walks, she frequently stopped to investigate things that caught her eye. This gave her spouse the opportunity for one of his favourite pursuits on such outings: a bit of stick pointing.

Stopping to admire grasses
Stopping to admire the foliage.
Stick pointing at Tullyfergus
An excellent opportunity for a bit of stick pointing.

They continued along the track until they reached some buildings that looked inhabited. The track seemed to carry on a little way, but they felt it only courteous to turn back and respect the residents’ privacy.

The end of the line
At the end of the line, time to turn back and head for home.

As they walked back along the track, the rain came on very heavily. Their chauffeur ran ahead, dashed along the open road to the car and sped back to the track to pick them up. They had enjoyed their little outing, but were glad to get home in the pouring rain for a nice hot cup of tea.


10 thoughts on “A late afternoon stroll

  1. You know….. the winsome twosome are really a very handsome couple. So glad they had a lovely little outing with the nice, hot tea later at home. We have been getting deluged with rain here. I don’t mind too much except it is keeping us from some outside painting.


    1. Oh, they’ll enjoy that comment Wendy, thank you. 🙂 I hope you get a dry interlude for your painting, the weather can certainly scupper things sometimes.


  2. Another lovely outing and so glad the rain didn’t stop them. It has been very hot here in Spain and today it finally rained a bit. I must say I was glad as we really need it and it made everything fresh again. xo


    1. Yes, our climates are very different. Sometimes I’m longing for a bit of heat but I can well imagine how I’d feel if I were in your shoes and getting a bit too much. Rain after a hot spell is wonderful, I like it when it makes the earth steam. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was wonderfully lush, and a very pleasant place to take a stroll. Rain at this time of year seems especially rewarding when it has such an enlivening effect on foliage, doesn’t it?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the photo of them under the canopy of the trees. They look like a super pair. Ever adventuresome. And lucky to have such a thoughtful chauffeur!


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