A few weeks ago the delightful assistants passed a sign by the side of the A9 road near Perth advertising a fruit farm and cafe. The place was, slightly disconcertingly, named ‘Broadslap’.

Being of a bold and adventurous nature, the courageous twosome drove off there yesterday for lunch.

The cafe lay at the end of quite a long, and sometimes very rough, road near the village of Dunning. When they got to their destination, however, they were pleased to see that it looked very civilised.


They approached the entrance with high hopes and healthy appetites.

Hungry assistants arriving at Broadslap

Inside, they discovered a shop selling various pre-packaged foodstuffs and a small range of gift items, as well as free range eggs and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Broadslap shop

In the adjoining cafe, only one of the tables was occupied, giving them a large choice of where to sit.

Broadslap cafe

They opted for a table by the window at the far end, and settled down to peruse the menu, which came in the form of several sheets of thick printed paper attached to clipboards.

Perusing the menu at Broadslap

Both assistants and their chauffeur were taken with the idea of omelettes, which consisted of three free range eggs and two different fillings to be chosen from a list of options.

Delightful assistant no.1 chose mushroom and ham, while her spouse went for mushroom and red onion, and their chauffeur opted for mushroom and cheese. A portion of skinny sweet potato fries was ordered for sharing between them.

When they had finished their omelettes, which were rather filling, they decided to forego sweet treats in favour of a gentle stroll somewhere quiet.

They drove for a short distance, through the village of Dunning and up the hill towards Path of Condie. On finding a suitable place to park, delightful assistant no.1 and their chauffeur hopped out into the fresh air, while delightful assistant no.2 fell asleep in the back of the car. After a short nap, he got out and joined his spouse who was wending her way back up the hill after a refreshing half hour stroll.

Assistants neat Path of Condie

Although delightful assistant no.2 walked only a short distance, the exercise provided a good stretching of the legs and the stimulating effects of a cool breeze across the scalp.

Assistants at Path of Condie

As they drove back down the hill towards Perth, they saluted a few cows in a field by the roadside. The cows showed little interest, intent on the lush luncheons burgeoning at their feet.

Cows at Path of Condie


13 thoughts on “Broadslap

  1. Glad that you decided to take a bold chance and visit the pleasant village of Broadslap, although the name could certainly give one pause. Lunch looked very nice. I would have chosen the mushroom and red onion. Are sweet potato fries common over there? I don’t know why I felt surprised to see them. They looked yummy. The scenery is lovely, as always, and I am glad to see the twosome out enjoying it all….. well, I guess the cows could have been friendlier….. but you know how those cows can be!😊


    1. Thanks, Wendy. Sweet potato fries are not that common here and they were nice, but a bit soft. We’re more used to potato chips (fries) that are crunchy on the outside and soft inside. I was surprised by how dismissive the cows were, because cows are sometimes very curious beasts. Mind you, they were busy eating, and these were adult cows rather than young bulls.


  2. Lovely to discover yet another hidden Scottish gem. The name on the window looks like “Breadslap” to me, which is no better than “Broadslap”! Great to see the DAs out and about, and what a lovely day you had for it.


    1. Thank you, Christine. I’m not sure if Breadslap is any better. It suggests a rather disrespectful baker. It was a nice day, but very windy and troublesome in the hayfever department for me and my dad.


    1. Very true, everything is looking wonderfully green at the moment. I can’t say I blame them, I wouldn’t want to be interrupted in my lunch either.


  3. Nothing like a nice drive in the country and finding a lovely place to eat. The food looks great. I love sweet potato fries. Here in Spain, I had aubergine fries which were also very good. Cows will be cows!!


      1. The inside was soft but the outside nice and crunchy. Later, in Barcelona, I had artichoke fries which were excellent as well. I love trying new things.


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