Not so Dull

Earlier this month, one beautiful sunny day, the delightful assistants downed tools and set off into northern Perthshire for a day out.

Arriving in the small village of Dull (you can read more about Dull here) slightly too early for lunch, they parked up at the Highland Safaris visitor attraction and climbed out into the sunshine.

Assistants arrive at Highland Safaris

They enjoyed looking at a fascinating scale model of the countryside around them, pointing out things they recognised, before heading off to stretch their legs in the grounds.

The visitor centre has its own herd of red deer, but before the assistants reached the deer park they encountered a fine fellow standing on a heather-bedecked plinth, giving an indication of what was to come.

Fake deer

Round a bend they came face to face with the real thing.

Undulating paths with interesting features and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside encouraged the assistants to soak up some Vitamin D.

Assistants enjoying the sunshine in the Upper Tay Valley, Highland Perthshire.


traversing dusty paths

Along the paths various things attracted their attention. Delightful Assistant no.1 enjoys the scent of flowers (an interest not shared by her dear spouse) and was lured in along the tracks by fragrant blooming broom.

stopping to sniff the broom

Small boxes on posts had been set up at points along the way, and visitors were invited to stick their hands into apertures to find out what was inside. Both assistants bravely stuck their hands into a number of boxes, not knowing what might jump up and bite them.

Adventurous assistants approach a mystery box…
… and discover nothing more terrifying than a pine cone.

Having had a good bit of exercise on the paths, they wound their way back to the café for a much-needed spot of luncheon.

There were a number of seating choices and they decided to sit by a window in the sunshine.

The homemade quiche of the day was a cheese and roasted vegetables affair, and both Delightful Assistant no.2 and their chauffeur opted for this. It proved an excellent choice.


Delightful Assistant no.1 plumped for chicken pie, which somewhat surprisingly came as an individual round pie rather than a slice from a bigger plated version.


When they had finished their food they decided they’d have another little walk in the fresh air before stopping somewhere else for hot drinks and cake. They found a quiet, tree-lined path and enjoyed a stroll in the dappled sunlight.

strolling along a dappled path 2

strolling along a dappled path

After their walk they drove a short distance to the town of Aberfeldy and sought out The Watermill Café, which they were worried might be heaving with folk. To their delight, it was unusually quiet and they settled themselves down at a large table.

Assistants waiting for snacks

While they were waiting for their treats to arrive, they entertained themselves with some of the children’s books provided for younger customers.


The cappuccinos they ordered came with a concentrated scattering of chocolate on top. Delightful assistant no.2 tried to make his into a smiley face with his spoon.

In the cake department, they each fancied something different. Delightful assistant no.1 went for one of her favourites: lemon drizzle cake (it was deliciously lemony).

Lemon drizzle cake at the Watermill

Her spouse opted for a mango and coconut cake,

Mango and coconut cake at the Watermill

and their chauffeur went for a blueberry, coconut and almond concoction.

Blueberry, coconut and almond cake at the Watermill

Feeling very well filled, the merry trio sped home in the late afternoon sunshine, content with their delightful day out.


13 thoughts on “Not so Dull

  1. You really have some wonderful days out! Sunshine, wildlife and delicious cakes, what more can one ask for? Your parents look well. Please say Hello from me. ❤


    1. Thank you, Darlene, it was an unusually fine day, weather-wise. We don’t often get cloudless blue skies in this part of the world. As you say, we really had it all that day. The parents always enjoy seeing your comments and send a hearty hello back to you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Lorna your parents really truly are a delight! Lovely to see them (and you, invisibly) out and about, enjoying lovely weather and lovely food. Aren’t they sweet, holding hands… Thanks for that.


  3. Thanks so much for the lovely tour. The winsome twosome are looking happy and healthy…. so glad.
    Loved the little tour of Dull, and I discovered your other blog….. so glad to find it and will be a faithful reader of that as well. Well, you certainly did treat us with the stop at the Waterville Cafe. The food looked delicious…. think I would have had the quiche. I love coconut so maybe either of the coconut concoctions…. Thanks so much for sharing the day and love to the twosome!😘


    1. I like that, the winsome twosome. 🙂 I’m sure you’d have been happy with the quiche, it really was delicious. Glad you enjoyed the outing, and thank you for your kind words to the assistants.


  4. Ahh, such gorgeous looking cakes! You always find them! Another great place to visit. I love smelling flowers too – especially gorse and broom. I like the idea of the surprise boxes!


    1. The Watermill often has interesting cakes, as well as excellent coffee and an enticing selection of leaf teas. I wasn’t expecting Highland Safaris to be as good as it was, I was very pleasantly surprised. My mum’s always trying to get me to sniff blooms but I get hayfever so I’m not always keen. I don’t like to admit this but I was too scared to put my hand in any of the boxes.

      Liked by 1 person

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