At this time of year, when the spring blooms are well under way in Scotland, the delightful assistants particularly enjoy trotting out and about amongst the bonnie bluebells.

Their bluebell rambles began last week in Galloway, in the south-west of Scotland, where they were biding in a self-catering house for a week’s holiday.

Here they are, tiny, but steadily making their way along a small road near Gatehouse of Fleet one afternoon last week.

Bluebells by the roadside, Gatehouse of Fleet.

The following day, while Delightful Assistant no.2 was taking an afternoon nap in the house, his wife toddled off into nearby Ardwell House Gardens, to admire the enormous number of bluebells growing in the garden’s woods.

Delightful Assistant no.1 amongst the bluebells in Ardwell House Gardens.

In places, the forest floor was thick with them.

Ardwell Woods

Back home in Perthshire, three days ago on a beautiful sunny morning, the flower-loving duo took themselves off to look at their local bluebell spectacular, Blairgowrie’s Darroch Wood.

Being a bit further north than Galloway, the bluebells in Perthshire weren’t quite yet at their best, but they certainly weren’t a disappointment.

Darroch Wood, May 2017.

Not far into the wood the assistants came upon a seat looking out to the west across fields, with a small loch to one side. Keen to take advantage of any opportunity for a little recumbence in a pleasant place, they sat down and admired the view.

Assistants on a seat

Suitably revived for the next leg of the journey, they set off once more along the woodland path, pausing now and then to admire the floral splendour.

Assistants admiring bluebells in Darroch Wood

Assistants at the start of their walk

In the south-eastern corner of the wood, the assistants stopped to study an information board. They had to queue to get up close to it, having arrived at the spot just after a group of walkers bearing rucksacks and clad in stout footwear.

Assistants reading Darroch Wood’s information board.
Rucksacked walkers
Rucksacked walkers leaving the information board behind.

Having drunk their fill of information, the delightful assistants carried on along attractively winding paths through swathes more bluebells, accompanied by the twitterings of small birds in the trees.

Winding paths at Darroch Wood

Trekking along winding paths

As they neared the end of their walk, they found a second seat encouraging them to rest awhile and enjoy the view.

Assistants resting on a seat amongst bluebells

View from Darroch Wood
View to the east from Darroch Wood.

They were very ready for their lunch by this time, but being the ever gracious pair they are, they courteously agreed to pause for a picture with a wee chap perched atop a gatepost near the entrance to the wood.

Posing for a selfie with a clown
Delightful assistants with small clown at the eastern entrance to Darroch Wood.

12 thoughts on “Bluebells

    1. You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But it was lunch time by then so they needed something a bit more substantial. I’m happy to report that they ate well, having worked up good appetites.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a magical time of year, and your photos are beautiful. I love everything about bluebells. It’s good to see your delightful assistants enjoying the sunshine, and I hope that your Mum’s confidence is improving.


    1. Thank you, Jo, I agree with you about this time of year. It’s a joy to see all the fresh greens appearing and more and more flowers as the weeks roll by. The bluebells are a special part of that. My mum’s confidence is improving, and it’s so much easier to practice walking outside when the weather’s as nice as it has been of late. Not so much today and yesterday, mind you, but here’s hoping for more sunny warm weather to come.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those bluebells are stunning and I guess a sure sign of spring in Scotland. I am so very glad to see the assistants looking well and back to enjoying their lovely jaunts. I must admit that I was looking forward to a scone and tea (or some other delicious treat), but I’m sure the assistants will be ready for another outing soon now that spring has sprung 🙂


    1. Thank you, Wendy, you’re right about bluebells being a sure sign of spring. Once you see these carpets of blue in the woods you feel things are definitely on the up, and it’s great to be able to get out and enjoy them. Apologies for the lack of scones, you’re right that it’s high time a tasty snack appeared on here and I will attempt to remedy that soon.


  3. Oh thank you Lorna. All those bluebells, like a long drink of water when one’s thirsty… And aren’t your parents just so cool!


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