Lunch and daffodils

Last week, on a cool but beautifully sunny day, the delightful assistants headed off to Balmakewan, near Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire, for lunch.

Having made their choices from the menu, they sat at a quiet table looking forward to their food.


Delightful assistant no.1 had been struggling with her appetite for a while, but it had started to show signs of coming back.

It was this state of affairs that prompted the visit to Balmakewan, because their fish and chips had proved especially appetising on a past visit and different sizes of portion were available.

She sensibly opted for a small portion of fish and chips, while her greedy chauffeur went for the full-size job.

dainty fish and chips
Dainty portion of fish with three potato wedges, pee puree and tartare sauce
decent sized fish and chips
Decent-sized fish and chips

Delightful assistant no.2 bypassed the fish temptation and plumped instead for a mushroom and brie burger, which turned out to be a burger bun containing a little lettuce and tomato topped with an enormous mushroom and melting brie. He particularly enjoyed the red cabbage coleslaw that came on the side.

mushroom and brie burger

Satisfyingly filled, the merry threesome trooped off into the grounds of Balmakewan House for a pleasant stroll amongst the daffodils.

stroll amongst the daffs

Although the air was chilly, the sunlight through the trees was beautiful.


There were several varieties of daffodil on display, white as well as yellow, and some splendid bi-coloured doublers.

double daffs

Some of the all-yellow ones had double blooms as well.


After enjoying the daffodil woods the slightly chilled trio were glad to get back into the car, which had deliciously warm seats, thanks to the sunshine.

It was such a lovely afternoon that they took a circuitous route home via interesting small roads, stopping off for another pleasant walk on the way.

daffs and trees
Daffodil woods at Balmakewan.

14 thoughts on “Lunch and daffodils

  1. Those daffodils are so cheery and would put anyone in a good mood. The food looked good as well. I would have enjoyed the mushroom and brie burger. A lovely day out for all of you. Happy Easter!


    1. Thanks Darlene, and Happy Easter to you, too. The daffodils were indeed very cheery, especially when the sunshine lit them up like lamps. I don’t think my dad knew quite what to expect with that burger but he was certainly surprised to find a single giant mushroom nestling on the bun.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We are still waiting to see any flowers as yet here in my part of Ontario, which is why the greenhouses are overrun with desperate people this time of year. Happy Easter! 🙂


    1. Happy Easter, Tracey, and I hope the flowers appear for you soon. Winter can sometimes seem like a long time when you’re waiting for a change of season. It often surprises me just how wonderful it is to see the spring blooms.


  3. How lovely, and your last photo especially is absolutely beautiful! You always manage to find places that serve mouth-watering food. Fish and chips so beautifully presented! Really good also to see your Mum getting out. Happy Easter to you all!


    1. Thank you, Jo, and a Happy Easter to you and yours, too. The food is very nicely presented at Balmakewan, and the fish is amongst the best I’ve ever tasted. They get it fresh from Peterhead, I think. That day out did all of us the world of good, I’m sure.

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  4. Wonderful pictures,as usual. Makes me wish I were there. The mushroom and brie looks very appetizing and I often get that when I eat out. It is a good change from a regular burger. So glad that your mom is better and could enjoy an outing. Lovely picture of the daffodils!


    1. Thanks, Wendy. I had never seen a burger quite like that before but from what you say it sounds as if it’s not so unusual. It was lovely to see all the daffodils, their intense yellow is so cheering.


  5. Lorna, that looks like a portobello mushroom, which is a rather large mushroom. Sometimes they are marinated in balsamic vinegar and grilled…. they can really be yummy and they are extra wonderful with a melted cheese like the brie. Vegetarian alternatives are popular here now….. I live in the north Georgia mountains and we have some good and innovative restaurants in the area, and also a little north into North Carolina….. Ashville area has wonderful, innovative restaurants. I think your dad chose a nice alternative dish😁.


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