First steps

Over the weekend, delightful assistant no.1 and her new knee had their first proper outing.


She and her dear spouse hopped into the car and their chauffeur drove them the half hour or so to Dunkeld and Birnam, two small towns separated by a bridge over the River Tay.

Their destination was the Birnam Institute, a fine establishment hosting all manner of artistic and creative endeavours as well as rather a good cafe.

They settled themselves in by some potted plants, delighted to be out and about again.


The menu provided sufficient temptations to whet their appetites and it wasn’t long before their choices were put down in front of them.

Delightful assistant no.1 opted for a baked potato with tuna and cheese,


while her spouse went for one of the day’s specials: smoked haddock and spring onion fishcakes with mixed leaves.


Their chauffeur chose a falafel burger with potato wedges.


When they had scoffed their food, and subsequent hot drinks, they went out into the afternoon sunshine for a knee stretch.

Delightful assistant no.1 outside the Birnam Institute, gently manoeuvring her new knee.

A recently opened bookshop and cafe had appeared across the road from the Birnam Institute, and they went to take a look.  The patient didn’t feel up to a browse, but they logged the possibility for another day.


By the time she’d walked for a good fifteen minutes, delightful assistant no.1 was feeling well exercised and ready to drive home for a small sleep, but not before admiring some white heather in a garden, and the wooden silhouette of a rabbit on a step.



The following day saw outing no.2 for the new knee. This time their chauffeur took the two assistants to nearby Davie Park, a wide expanse of grass with a pond and playpark, and suitably flat, well-made paths for easy progress with sticks.


They enjoyed looking at the spring flowers starting to emerge from the undergrowth. Snowdrops were already out in profusion and there was a small patch of lilac crocuses. The daffodils were still green spears, awaiting their moment of glory.


They walked as far as the pond, which was being used by a number of gulls, as well as ducks, before turning round to head back to the car park.


By the end of the walk, the new knee had done half an hour’s continuous walking. The patient was tired, but pleased with her progress. Back home, after a well-earned luncheon, she lay down in bed for a nice restful sleep, happily recalling the joys of the day.



14 thoughts on “First steps

    1. Indeed she does, she lay down most of yesterday, having perhaps overdone it the days before. The routine is supposed to be short bursts of exercise bracketed by plenty of rest and we may have got that the wrong way round over the weekend.

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  1. Just great to see the two Delightful Assistants out and about. And what lovely photos of a part of Scotland I’d like to come visit again. Look after yourself, Delightful Chauffeur!


  2. Lovely to see your Mum out and about, and some lovely sunshine to enjoy as well! Snowdrops and crocuses are such a cheering sight. Well done to you all, and it’s nice to see you all reunited!


  3. So glad that you are all able to take a little excursion and have a marvelous lunch once again. Happy to see that your mom is recovering, and I think her pink hat is very becoming. Was the falafel burger good? They can be wonderful. Everything looked yummy and the countryside is so lovely. Nice outing!


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