Delightful assistant gets new knee

Towards the end of January 2017, delightful assistant no.1 was on track to check into the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank, near Glasgow. Having suffered for many years with arthritis in her right knee, her leg had become very bent and painful. A total knee replacement had been advised and a date made for the the surgery.

Two days before she was due to go into the Golden Jubilee, her chauffeur took her and her spouse off for an outing before the big procedure. Since the weather forecast looked promising to the north, they left behind the thick fog of Perthshire and scooted off into the bright sunshine of Aberdeenshire.

They arrived in the small town of Ballater at the right time for a spot of luncheon at The Bothy on the main street.


After queueing for a table, they ordered some food and sat down with hot drinks, glad to be in out of the cold.


Delightful assistant no.1 fancied the roast beef sandwiches, her spouse went for a brie and cranberry toastie and their chauffeur opted for a cheese and tomato toastie. The meals, which were accompanied by salad items, were pleasingly colourful.

They all enjoyed their food, but unfortunately had no room for any of the enticing sweet treats showing themselves off through a glass-fronted cabinet.


Outside, the air was extremely chilly, but not wanting to miss the chance of fresh air and sunshine, the well-filled threesome decided on a short walk.


Feeling chilled to the bone, they tried to hurry along. This unfortunately had a disastrous consequence for one of their little team. Delightful assistant no.1, walking a few steps behind her spouse at one point, somehow took a tumble and ended up on the ground. Kind onlookers clustered round to help her up, but she was badly shaken and feeling pained in the ribs. Carefully inserting her into the car, the rather sober trio made their way home and got her into the house as gently as possible.

Her condition worsened as the day wore on and she ended up being taken by ambulance to Perth Royal Infirmary’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department. Her spouse and chauffeur followed on a little later in their car, driving slowly through extremely thick fog. The unusually adverse weather conditions had the benefit of teaching the chauffeur how to find and use her fog lights, but it wasn’t the most relaxing of journeys.

They discovered their dear one perched in a wheelchair in A&E, waiting to be seen by a medic. Saturday nights are notoriously busy times in A&E and the staff were run off their feet. It was some time before delightful assistant no.1 was seen but, following examination by a doctor, she was eventually taken away for chest and face x-rays. The scans, when they were analysed, luckily showed nothing broken and she was sent on her way with a bundle of strong painkillers.

When Monday morning came round it was time to head off to Clydebank for her next hospital visit, this time for the much-anticipated knee replacement operation. The poor delightful assistant wasn’t in the best of states, but her rib pain had eased a bit and the chaps at the Golden Jubilee declared her fit enough for the operation.

She underwent surgery the following day and was moved into a high dependency unit afterwards. When they were permitted to visit, delightful assistant no.2, their chauffeur and the chauffeur’s sister sped off to Clydebank to see how the invalid was doing. They found her tired and rather sore, but glad to see familiar faces, and grateful for the companionship of Sandy, her faithful little rescue donkey. (Finding him sodden and full of sand on a beach a few years ago, she took him home and washed the sand out of him, and the two have been firm friends ever since).

Delightful assistant no.1 with her devoted donkey chum.

Regular visits were made by delightful assistant no.2 and their chauffeur over the following days. During these times, while delightful assistant no.1 was being given her lunch in her room, the visitors usually ate lunch in the hospital canteen, which provided a surprisingly cheap and varied menu of hot and cold food. On a couple of occasions, when they fancied something a little more upmarket, they took a wander into the adjoining hotel bar area.

Delightful assistant no.2 lounging around in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel.

One day they arrived on the ward to find the patient not only awake and clothed, but walking slowly along a corridor with two sticks. They couldn’t have been more pleased.


Ten days after admission, complete with brand new knee, delightful assistant no.1 was released from hospital and taken home for further recovery.

If things go according to plan she should be walking more confidently in a few months’ time, possibly without any sticks at all, and with considerably less pain than she’s currently experiencing. An 80 year old limb takes time to mend, but with grit and determination, a positive attitude and the will to succeed great things are possible. Delightful assistant no.1 is very much looking forward to being out and about again, having more gentle adventures in the Scottish countryside, and enjoying the warmer weather when it comes.


23 thoughts on “Delightful assistant gets new knee

  1. I am so glad to hear she is OK. My 84-year-old father-in-law had a knee replacement last fall and is doing very well. He is now walking without any aid and without pain! The timing is good too as she will be able to enjoy the nice weather coming up. Sending hugs to delightful assistant No. 1. She looks very well on the photos!


    1. Thanks Darlene, that’s really good to know about your father-in-law. My mum’s looking forward to reaching that stage herself, although it requires a bit of patience. You’re right about the timing, it’s excellent in terms of her getting up to full fitness when the better weather comes. At the moment it’s probably quite nice for her to have an excuse to lie indoors with her feet up while it’s dark and cold outside.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, David. Excellent idea, I’ll try and get her onto that regime once her appetite recovers. At the moment she sometimes finds it difficult to eat, although interestingly sweet things seem to go down more easily than savoury.


  2. Dear DA#1 – Best wishes for a speedy recovery! (And, a little secret – I think, from the look of him in the first photo, Delightful Assistant #2 rather fancies you.) xo


  3. I was so pleased to read this, Lorna (not the first part, obviously! – that is something I’m sure you would rather forget) and I wish your Mum a speedy return to full health and full use of her knee. Love the pic of her with her donkey! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jo. You’re right about the tumble in Ballater, but it’s a fading memory now, I’m glad to say. She’s making progress little by little, and her little donkey keeps her going.


    1. Thanks, Hilary, I look forward to seeing that spring in her step. The poor old NHS, it does seem to be in a bad way at the moment, particularly in England. I think we’re lucky up here to have less pressure on the system with fewer patients overall, but I’m sure it’s a challenge for staff up and down the UK. We’ve had quite a bit of experience of the service over the past few years and have, on the whole, been very impressed. They do a difficult job, that’s for sure.


  4. Lorna, so glad your sweet mom is doing well. I have several friends who have had knee replacement and all of them are doing great. Your mom is a lovely lady, and please tell her that her haircut is very nice. Glad she has Sandy to keep her company and, no doubt, you will all be venturing out for more lovely drives and lunches when she is properly recovered.


    1. Thank you very much, Wendy. We’re all looking forward to the day when she feels up to a day out somewhere. The knee is healing slowly, but it is healing and she’s making progress every day with mobility. It’s good to hear about the many successful knee replacements other people have had, I think it gives us all hope that one day she’ll be right as rain again.


  5. Gosh you have all been through quite a lot! What a shame about the fall in Ballater, and on such a lovely day as well. I’m just relieved her operation was able to go ahead, and that she is well on her way to recovering now. Give her my very best wishes. I salute the three of you! And I just love the photo of her with her donkey!


    1. Thank you, Christine. It has been a challenging time, but we’re delighted to be seeing progress and little Sandy continues to play an important role in the recovery.


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