First toddle of the new year

Yesterday, the delightful assistants took their first bracing walk of the new year, when they toddled along a quiet road a couple of miles from their home.


The air was cold but the day was practically windless, and they were cheered by various points of interest.

There were no sheep or cows around, but they enjoyed seeing patches of blue sky and sunshine over the fields and forests.


At a bend in the road they came upon two creatively constructed Christmas trees, made from pallets painted green and festively decorated with tinsel and baubles.

Two pallet Christmas trees, one on either side of the road.

They went to take a closer look and were delighted by what they saw.


Something else in a field nearby caught their eyes. A large piece of farm machinery was nesting in a little pen that appeared to have been specially constructed to house it.


They strolled on, admiring the scenery and appreciating the peacefulness of their surroundings.


After 40 minutes or so, faces tingling with the cold, their thoughts turned to the prospect of bowls of chunky vegetable soup and hot crusty bread with butter. Luncheon, and a warm house, were calling. They heeded the call and zipped back home, feeling nicely exercised and healthily boosted by the fresh air.

The tiny twosome heading home for hot soup.



5 thoughts on “First toddle of the new year

    1. It was a bit nippy, but you’re right about the calm weather, that certainly made it more pleasant than it would have been with a cold wind. I thought the trees were quite inspired.


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