56th wedding anniversary

Yesterday was the delightful assistants’ 56th wedding anniversary and they celebrated it with a delicious luncheon at their favourite restaurant, the Strathmore Arms in Glamis.

The whole place was looking very festive, with table decorations, Christmas trees and various other seasonal ornaments.

Delightful assistant no.1 opted for a main course she often has at the Strathmore Arms: breast of chicken in a mango and coconut sauce with rice. Her spouse went for venison casserole with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and their chauffeur had haddock and chips. All of these meals were ordered as small portions to leave room for pudding.

When it came time for puddings, delightful assistant no.1 decided she didn’t have room to squeeze one in, but she asked for an extra spoon and agreed to help her dining companions with their choices.

Both delightful assistant no.2 and their chauffeur verged on ordering something they wouldn’t normally have, but in the end each slid into their own comfort zone and plumped for blueberry pavlova and sticky toffee pudding, respectively.

Blueberry lava cascading down a meringue and cream mountain.
Meltingly moist pudding soaking up a pool of toffee sauce.

With coffee and After Eight mints rounding off the meal perfectly, the three diners got up and took themselves off for a circuitous drive home.

Despite feeling quite capable of napping after their food, they stopped at the Loch of Lintrathen to get a little leg stretch in the fresh air. Parking near a bird hide located on the lochside, they ambled down to have a look for winged creatures. Some creative person had hung a heart-shaped decoration made of wood on one of the trees next to the hide.


They had the hide to themselves, with plenty of bench seats to choose from.


Settling themselves at one of the windows, they had a good look out to see what was floating about on the water.


To get the best possible view, they opened the hatch window and peeped out of the gap. Delightful assistant no.1, being very small, could only just see out over the window frame.


She stood up to get a better view.


There were many birds out on the loch, mostly swans and ducks of various types, although they were all some distance away. It was a fairly dull afternoon but the subtle winter colours were rather beautiful.


After enjoying the hide, the assistants trotted off along the road encircling the loch.


The air was cold but, going by the bushy growths of lichen on the trees, nice and fresh.


Dusk was falling as they finished their walk, delighted to have celebrated 56 years of marriage in such pleasant surroundings.

Loch of Lintrathen beyond tree branches.



18 thoughts on “56th wedding anniversary

  1. Happy 56th to the very delightful twosome! Lovely way to spend their special day. The Strathmore looks cosy and the food looks yummy and very satisfying….. certainly a combination that beckons one back for celebrations and sometimes just for familiar comfort. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, and the new book looks charming.


    1. Thanks, Wendy. You’re right, the Strathmore Arms is a wonderfully cosy establishment, and we do go there for familiar comfort as well as special occasions. Thank you for all your kind words on this blog.


  2. What lovely photos, Lorna, and many congratulations to your delightful assistants! It sounds like a wonderful day out. That’s a good idea to ask for small portions so that you have room for dessert, and the desserts look delicious. Great weather for a walk afterwards – I particularly love the photos of the lichen and the sunset through the bare branches.


    1. Thank you, Jo. Yes, despite the cold air it was a lovely afternoon for a walk with that lighting and very little wind. I always enjoy seeing lichen on tree branches and the sky was beautiful as the sun began to set.


  3. How did I miss this? A very belated Happy Anniversary to the Delightful Assistants. 56 years is great going! I wish them many more years of happiness, meals out, and nature walks together – along with their Delightful Chauffeur.


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