A bracing trot

One cold, but sunny, November morning the delightful assistants wrapped themselves up in cosy hats and set off for a pre-luncheon leg stretch near the small Perthshire village of Kettins in the Vale of Strathmore.


They progressed along a straight, tarmacked road, keeping an eye out for a side road that would enable them to get away from the occasional passing car. A group of trees ahead, at the edge of a field of kale, seemed to offer hope of such a turn-off.


Right enough, on one side of the copse a tempting-looking track led round the edge of the field.


It was a bit slippery in places due to a thin coating of ice, but they took their time, watched their footing and carried on boldly in the cheering sunshine.


To their right was a beautifully constructed dry stone wall with a freshly ploughed field on the other side of it.


Ahead of them the view stretched out over fertile lowlands, sloping gently up into the hills of the Angus glens.


At the far end of the field, the track curved round into a squelching morass. Not keen to gloop on through the muddy sludge, they turned round and headed back the way they had come.

As they walked back, the chill air nipping at their cheeks, their thoughts happily turned to the pot of hot soup awaiting them in the old folks’ home.



12 thoughts on “A bracing trot

  1. How lovely, Lorna – what beautiful countryside, and I have never even heard of Kettins! You and your delightful assistants always find such lovely places for a walk! I love the third photo especially, with the copse of trees on the edge of the field and the superb view behind. We’ve had some superb autumn sunshine this year, and long may it last!


    1. Thanks, Jo. Kettins is just outside Coupar Angus, which is about 5 miles from Blairgowrie. There are lots of small villages and hamlets around here that I’m still finding out about. We have had a lot of sunshine lately, haven’t we? Far more than most of the rest of the UK, it would seem. As you say, long may it continue.

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    1. Thank you, Christine. He’s had a lot of compliments about that hat. Rarely does he go out wearing it without someone commenting on it. The other day a lady accosted him in the A K Bell Library as if she knew him: big smiles, pointing, joking around, etc. He’s rather deaf and couldn’t hear what she was saying, but he racked his brains to think if he could recall ever having met her before. Eventually, he realised she was simply a stranger delighted by his hat. I found him standing in the atrium afterwards looking a bit put out, and he told me the story. ‘But you love being the centre of attention with that hat,’ I reminded him. ‘Yes, well, I’m getting a bit fed up of it,’ he replied. I think he was just having an off day because it hasn’t put him off wearing the hat since, despite having several splendid alternatives in his wardrobe.


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