Windswept in Dunning

One breezy afternoon the delightful assistants arrived in the Perthshire village of Dunning looking for a spot of luncheon. They headed straight to The Tee Room, based in Dunning Golf Club’s pavilion.

The Tee Room, Dunning
The Pavilion, Dunning Golf Club.
Delightful assistants outside The Tee Room
Windswept assistants outside The Tee Room.

At the picnic tables outside, mini picnic tables containing an array of condiments had been popped on top of the full size ones.

mini picnic table

These mini picnic tables pinned the menus to the tabletops, but unfortunately this wasn’t quite enough to keep every menu in place. During luncheon indoors one of the menus outside the window was whipped away by the wind and carried off to who knows where.

From an impressively large menu, the dining threesome chose the following lunch options. Delightful assistant no.1 went for a chicken salad sandwich with salad and crisps,


delightful assistant no.2 chose haggis with neeps and tatties,

haggis, neeps and tatties

and their chauffeur had macaroni cheese.

macaroni cheese

Their meal was observed by two rather boss-eyed cows dispensing salt and pepper.

cow salt sellar

When they had finished their lunches, they decided to have a walk around the edge of the golf course. Off they set, up a nicely mown grassy slope.

grassy slope on the edge of Dunning golf course

From the golf course they could see an enticing small road they rather fancied walking along, but there was a fence separating it from where they were. They carried on around the perimeter of the course, keeping an eye out for opportunities to breach the boundary. At last, the perfect solution appeared before them: a gap in the fence that was wide enough for them to scamper through.


They scrambled through it and popped out happily on the little road beyond.

DSC06696 (2)
Delightful assistants enjoying a small road with Dunning golf course on the left and a field of peas on the right.

Along they trotted, enjoying the breezy sunshine of the open road, before passing through a lushly wooded area.

DSC06701 (2)

They emerged from the wood to grassy fields by the roadside.

DSC06714 (2)

A little further on they came to a small settlement containing a few houses with large gardens, and a church with a tall spire.

Having been walking for a good half hour, they turned round and toddled their way back along the road, through the gap in the fence, round the edge of the golf course and across to the golf club pavilion.

They had been hoping to call in at The Tee Room for a little refreshment but, alas, service had stopped for the day. There was an option of hot drinks from a vending machine, but they decided against this, choosing instead to jump back into the car and scoot off homewards for a nice cup of tea in the comforting surroundings of the old folks’ home.

sitting happily at home
Delightful assistants happily ensconced in their old folks’ home.

11 thoughts on “Windswept in Dunning

  1. What a lovely day out, Lorna, and I love those quirky tabletop accessories! Lovely pics of the delightful assistants as well. You do find some lovely places to eat. I’ve only once been to Dunning, and that was just to see the cross in the church, so we missed the tearoom completely. Welcome sunshine, but it sounds like it was a bit breezy. Where has summer gone? I feel ashamed for moaning a bit about the heat! 🙂


    1. The Tee Room is relatively new, Jo, so it might not have been there when you visited. Previously there was a very basic catering set-up in the Pavilion but now it’s fairly thriving as a proper eatery. The sunshine was indeed very welcome, but the wind was quite a challenge. As you say, where has summer gone? It was lovely yesterday but now we’re back to cold and wet again, up here at least.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So enjoy all the excursions of the delightful twosome😊. I find your blog so refreshing, Lorna, because you simply show us lovely places and two charming people enjoying their outings and having us along. I have slowly been dropping some of the blogs that I have followed for some time. Not yours. It is a keeper. Thanks.


    1. You’re too kind, Wendy, thank you. I’m delighted that you enjoy the excursions of the assistants. They get a great deal of pleasure from their little outings and if other people enjoy them too that’s a lovely bonus.


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