A health-giving adventure

In order to comply with a regime recently launched at their old folks’ home, the delightful assistants have been getting a good deal of exercise of late.

The regime recommends at least two walks and one memory test per week. The walks ideally last for between 30 and 60 minutes, and the memory tests are intended to provide sufficient challenge for their little grey cells. These recommendations are aimed at keeping the assistants in good mental and physical condition. Optional extras for brain stimulation include the playing of games, construction of jigsaws and reading of improving literature.

On the physical exercise side of things, the assistants are encouraged to tackle different types of terrain, to keep them on their toes. Sometimes their walks are taken on flat tarmac, and on other occasions they are presented with some sort of obstacle course of a gentle nature, befitting their more mature years.

One such walk occurred earlier this week, when they investigated a previously untrodden path near the small settlement of Over Forneth in Perthshire. They got out of the car on a wide bit of quiet road and made their way along an overgrown track through a lightly wooded area. At one point the track became very grassy, but delightful assistant no.2 was not deterred, soldiering on and urging his spouse to follow in his footsteps.

DA2 waiting for the wife
“Come on wife, it looks interesting up here.”

Delightful assistant no.1 was all in favour of the grassy path and keen to join her dear spouse on a little adventure.

DA1 catching up

Off they toddled, through the woods, along the path which gradually became less grassy and more track-like. Patches of bluebells and primroses cheered them on their way.

track walking

After a while the route forked into two separate paths, but their way was blocked by a large flatbed trailer parked across the track.

flatbed trailer

They took the hint and turned round, happy to retrace their steps and continue their walk in a different direction.


They came out of the wooded area and began walking up the road, where they passed a field containing several curious cows. Delightful assistant no.2, who can’t resist a captive audience, addressed them in respectful tones. They were extremely attentive.

curious cows

Having enjoyed this brief interlude the assistants continued along the road, toiling uphill in the peaceful surroundings.

toiling uphill

When they had gone far enough, they turned round and made their way back down towards the car. Passing the cows again, delightful assistant no.2 was greeted with warm enthusiasm.

As he strode along the road, the cows trotted along beside him in their field. Signifying the bond of friendship that had grown up between them, one of the cows gave him a loud ‘moo’ of farewell. He returned the compliment with a hearty ‘moo’ of his own.

Suitably exercised and ready for a little calorific intake, the delightful assistants bundled themselves into the car and whizzed off back to the old folks’ home for luncheon.


9 thoughts on “A health-giving adventure

  1. I’m sure that you are referring to the family establishment as the old folks’ home here :), but I call our local one The Hell-hole On The Hill. So I found it a little uncomfy to process the reference to your parents in conjunction with that choice of words. They’re so active, and so very clearly not fodder for an old folks’ home! 🙂 That looks like a lovely walk. The flatbed trailer is quite the hint. I’m not even sure I’d climb over it!


    1. You’re quite correct, the old folks’ home is in fact the family home. I sometimes have occasion to say “it’s like living in an old folks’ home” when the assistants display eccentric senior behaviour, and my dad likes to refer to ‘the old folks’ home’ in his Christmas newsletters to chums. I can understand your alarm though, given your nickname for that place on the hill. I came to the same conclusion as you about that trailer, it was quite a tricky obstacle.


  2. Your delightful assistants are two lucky people, to have such a caring and imaginative programme of activity! That looks a delightful walk – love the leaves coming out and I think I can spy a patch of bluebells. Glad to see that your Dad found an appreciative audience for his pearls of wisdom, and it sounds as if they’ll be wanting him as a speaker again!


    1. Most kind of you to say so, Jo, thank you. It’s a real joy to see all the green coming out now, isn’t it? That track was a surprising little find, just off a road we’ve quite often walked along. I’m sure my dad would be delighted to accept another speaking engagement there.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lorna, you are a hoot! Very funny post. So nice to see your parents out and about, and to imagine you – the invisible photographer – there with them.


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