A little lunch and fresh air

One sunny day in February the delightful assistants had their chauffeur convey them northwards for a little luncheon at the Balmakewan tearoom near Laurencekirk.

Happily settled with their preferred beverages (Thistly Cross cider for delightful assistant no.1 and Bundaberg ginger beer for her spouse), they awaited their meals with joyous anticipation.


Balmakewan being one of those considerate establishments that offers small versions of meals in addition to the standard size, both assistants and their chauffeur opted for reduced portions in order to leave room for pudding.

Delightful assistant no.1 and the chauffeur both chose battered Peterhead haddock with potato wedges and a pea puree,

haddock and potato wedges

while delightful assistant no.2 went for venison sausage and mash.

venison sausages

The fish was amongst the freshest they had tasted, absolutely tip-top, and perhaps rather too small for the chauffeur. However, it did mean she had room for a fruit scone and some tea afterwards. Despite its promising looks the scone was not the best of its kind, but it certainly filled a hole.

fruit scone at balmakewan

Delightful assistant no.1 shunned a sweet but delightful assistant no.2 opted for a slice of apricot tart, which was, rather surprisingly, delivered warm to the table.

apricot tart

The sun was still shining when they had finished their lunches, and a small trot was proposed.

They drove south towards the village of Glamis, where they parked and got out for a little leg stretch.


They stopped to admire snowdrops and aconites, but the air was too cold for much lounging around.


They passed Glamis Parish Church, founded a considerable time ago by St Fergus, but unfortunately the building wasn’t open to visitors.

Glamis Kirk noticeboard


Invigorated by the fresh air and exercise, they reached the car with gladness, having enjoyed their little outing and looking forward to getting warmed up again.



16 thoughts on “A little lunch and fresh air

  1. The delightful assistants look in good health I am pleased to note. I lovely little get-away. I like the idea of smaller sized meals and the fish looked lovely. I much prefer potato wedges to chips (or French fries as we Canadians call them). The apricot tart made my mouth water. ❤


  2. So glad to hear about the assistants…. it has been awhile. They look marvelous, happy and well fed after their excursion☺️. I love scones, and this one looks yummy…. but you never know until you try it do you? So good to hear from you.


    1. Thank you, Wendy. It had indeed been a while. We’ve had a few outings since the last post, but I’ve not been so busy with my camera lately. As you say, you never know till you try and that scone did look enticing. It was a bit solid and dry, which was a pity because I’ve had scones in the same place before which were excellent.


  3. I think it is great when some restaurants/cafes serve half portions – I hope more places pick up on the idea, not just for adults with small appetites, but so that children can eat ‘adult’ food and not be confined to the children’s menu of burgers, fish fingers, chips or smiley face potatoes.


    1. Thank you, Hilary, glad you joined us. Your comment reminds me of a BBC weather forecast I saw the other day. They had a photo of daffodils on the screen and the forecaster said ‘of course, daffodils have been out for ages’, which rather gave away the fact that he was doing his stuff from the south of England. Our garden’s full of daffs but not one of them has a flower yet. I’m willing them on every day, and looking forward to the tulips, too.


  4. Oh, I’ve been checking on your blog for months now and I’m so happy to see you posting again. That apricot tart looked delicious.


  5. So great to have news of the Delightful Assistants and their chauffeur! That looks like a beautiful outing, even with a chilly wind blowing. I like their “bunnets”. You had been in my thoughts, I hope you’re all doing well.


  6. What a lovely trip out, Lorna, in welcome sunshine too! Glamis looks a lovely old place. I have never seen fish and chips so artfully displayed! Looks tasty, too.


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