Happy Christmas!

For the delightful assistants, as for most who celebrate the season, Christmas is a time to carry out various little traditions.

Sending cards, decorating a tree and eating more chocolate than usual are all traditions the delightful assistants follow every year. One of the other things they do is bring out the Christmas books.

Delightful assistant no.1 is a keen collector of Christmas books and keeps them hidden away for most of the year, allowing them to emerge from their cubbyhole only during the festive season.

Christmas books

Yesterday afternoon I chanced upon the delightful assistants enjoying one of their Christmas books together by the Christmas tree.

reading together nicely

Delightful assistant no.2 was reading out a quiz from the book, which contained questions with surprising multiple choice answers, for example:

What greeting do people use at Christmastime?

a) “Hairy Goldfish!”

b) “What’s for dinner?”

c) “Merry Christmas!”

d) “I hab ad awfoo code!”

This question, and others like it, were fairly delighting the assistants.

delighted assistants

The book that was causing them so much amusement was Sandra Boynton’s “Christmastime”, a tome the delightful assistants enjoy re-reading every year.

On this occasion they weren’t the only ones enjoying it. If you look beyond delightful assistant no.2’s right shoulder below you’ll see three of the other residents joining in the festive fun.


A very merry Christmas, to one and all!





14 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. How lovely! You do take some lovely photos of your delightful assistants. That’s such a nice tradition, to bring out all the much-loved Christmas books. And eating more chocolate than usual is something that I will readily aspire to!


  2. A delightful post about the delightful assistants enjoying their Christmas books. It made me feel very Christmassy. I cooked a Christmas dinner for my in-laws for the very first time yesterday. It went over well. I love all these traditions.


  3. I like the idea of Christmas books a lot! I am a Christmas film girl, beginning with Love Actually. You have a real tree. That must smell lovely. We could have a real one. There is a farm not far from here that grows them, but we don’t, because my husband bought me one that lights up the first year we were together, which is nice in its own way 🙂


    1. Books and films are even more appealing than usual over here at this time of year, when snuggling down on a cold dark day is preferable to just about anything else. It’d be quite nice to watch Love Actually and then step out into glorious warm sunshine though; I like the idea of the contrast between those two worlds. Our tree does smell lovely but yours sounds very special, no wonder you favour it over a real one. 🙂


  4. That looks like a wonderful collection of books the Delightful Assistants have 🙂 And WOW!! I’ve not seen a Golly for years and years!
    Hope that you and both of your amazing Delightful Assistants have a wonderful Christmas Lorna, and a very Happy 2016!! 🙂


  5. I just paid a visit to your tea room, so I’m very glad you included a link to your new blog. It’s been a while since I visited you as our family came over from Australia for Christmas and the New Year. They are safely back at home now, and I’m catching up with some of my favourite bloggers. Barbara.


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